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8 Places You Will Want to Check Out in 2018... Trust Me.

It can't already be the end of the year - where did it go? I hope this holiday season has been a wonderful time with friends, family, and fun and that 2018 begins with many laughs. I was talking to a friend yesterday who asked me, "where will people be going in 2018?". Today, people are much more aware of destinations and choosing to travel to more exotic and "lesser known" locales in the age of internet research and easy flights. Based on this and other factors, here are 8 places I think will be hot in 2018.

1. Montenegro - A place where ancient monasteries hang on rocky cliffs and stone churches speak of centuries past. Walking around Kotor is stunning and been a cruise favorite for years. And, with the opening of One & Only, there is now another reason to visit.

2. Valletta, Malta - Another longtime cruise favorite, this destination has always been underrated in my opinion. Check out one of their film festivals or plan a trip any time of year to take in these turquoise waters.

3. Ireland - Sure, it is fresh in my mind from my recent trip but there are many signs that this destination will become increasingly popular. The beauty and amount of things to do are just two. As BA continues to open more routes into Dublin airport, travel here becomes easier as well.

4. New Orleans - This city turns the BIG 300 this year and expect people to celebrate! New hotels are opening all over the CBD as well as great new places to eat. Check out my blog for some great NOLA tips.

5. Iceland - Tourism is booming already here over the past ten years but expect it to expand even more as low cost carriers continue to open routes and new hotels open. Still one of my favorite destinations, as me about my travel tips to this amazing country.

6. Melbourne - This is just one of those cities that speaks to you. The arts scene, the coffee culture, this city is one you can just get lost in - and have the best day ever. If you want to plan a trip, ask me about the sensational hotel perks I get like at Crown Towers.

7. Machu Picchu - True to the idea of travelers heading "off the beaten path," tourism in this locale has increased tremendously as well over the past few years. Get in before there are more limitations in place.

8. Copenhagen - SLEEK is the word to describe this city and it continues to get more and more interesting. So many new restaurants and shopping venues have opened this year with more on the way in 2018. Expect this city to become increasingly more popular.

These are my predictions - what do you think? Where do you want to go in 2018? Zao me an email. And, have a safe and wonderful NYE!

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