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5 Places You Can't Miss in Puerto Vallarta

I have always loved Puerto Vallarta. As I leave my 22nd visit to the city, I think about all the reasons I keep coming back here. The food, the people, the shows, the food... (more on that later). There is something so uniquely comfortable about PV and always a new and exciting place to check out.

Through my times here, I have found a few hidden treasures that I think no traveler to the area should miss. Here they are:

The Swedes Bar & Bistro
This is typically my first stop in town to see my friend Morgan, the owner of this amazing restaurant for over 9 years. The food is sensational, the drinks are fun, and it is one of the best places in town to catch sunset. A definite "do not miss."

Monchi's Sports Bar
It will not be often I include sports bars on my "go to" list but this is an exception. This is the home to the best margaritas and a casual, fun spot to spend a few hours. The owners are the nicest and the drinks are cheap but delicious!

The Palm Cabaret
One thing that is such a part of the PV landscape is the amount of live entertainment that comes in each year. The Palm has long been known to be one of the best venues for entertainment and a great place to spend an hour watching a show. My good friend and piano sensation, Nate Buccieri, will be there all winter if you are in town!

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My Favorite Taco Cart
PV is known for its street food and I LOVE a taco cart! I have tried a few (many) and I highly recommend the one at the streets above. Nicest people and best tacos in PV. Look for it!

Pancho's Takos
No list of PV favorites would be complete without Pancho's. Not only is it rated #8 out of over 700 places to eat in PV on TripAdvisor, but it is a known local institution. Lots of vegetarian options as well.

These are some of my "favorites" in PV. What are yours? Zap me a message and let me know - I am always looking to try new places! And, if you want to book a trip to PV or anywhere else, let's chat!

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