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Travel has not only been my passion for as long as I can remember but also a big piece of my marketing business. Through the years, I have had the opportunity to work with clients around the world in many aspects of their marketing needs. Now, I am excited to take this a step further.

Through my affiliation with Protravel International, I offer customized travel solutions! Ranked as one of the top 10 agencies, Protravel International opens many opportunities with their extensive networks in all aspects of the travel industry. I am thrilled to work with them to extend my marketing business and offer travel booking services to my clients.

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“I simply don't know how I traveled before Greg! The resources he has for both international and domestic travel are incredible. As someone who goes on at least 3 international trips a year (in addition to 8+ domestic trips), he has taken the stress out of planning so I can fully enjoy my trips! He gets information to me very quickly, and he always gives plenty of options that are tailored to my specific needs. He is also always reachable while I'm on a trip and very quick in responding to any requests I have for additional information. He has resources all over the globe, so I know that wherever I go, Greg will have fantastic options for me. In addition to helping me plan trips I ask him about, he also always has great new ideas of places to visit. I cannot recommend him highly enough; I know I will use him for all of my travel needs!”

- Anne, Los Angeles


"Greg is the absolute best. Not only does he think of every single detail to make my trips amazing, he has incredible taste! I love that he’s been practically everywhere and knows all the best spots to check out personally. Can’t say enough great things about this guy."

- Katie, Beverly Hills


"We've worked with Greg for several years to book our cruises and he's fantastic! Greg is savvy, thoughtful, responsive, and insightful. Most recently, he booked us on the Atlantis Tahiti cruise and he was able to coordinate everything for friends who will be traveling with us. We know that when Greg is working as our travel agent, all the details will be handled and we'll be able to enjoy and relax!"

- Eric, Boston


"Greg created the perfect trip after carefully listening to my goals for a vacation and my tastes. He made sure that I had plenty of great ideas for things to do on my vacation, beyond the travel basics he booked for me like airfare and hotel. I highly recommend him for travel needs."

- Michele, Fort Lauderdale


"I have worked with Greg on two different vacations now. It is more like a travel experience because from start to finish, he set everything up and gave me choices and feedback on some of the things I was interested in which guided me toward some parts of my journey and steered me away from parts that I am glad I didn't end up doing. Greg really is thorough and went through every step of the itinerary with me so there was nothing left to chance. I have recommended him to several of my colleagues and am working with him again on a trip coming up next month. For people who think they can do all of this themselves through online sites, they have no idea what they are missing. Greg makes it effortless. Thank you."

- Kris, New York

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