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Gregory Kiep is the premier marketer and promoter for gay events, gay travel, and promotion. Based in Provincetown, he has travelled around numerous markets making connections and talking about his travels to places like Provincetown, NYC, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Mykonos, South America, Europe, Nice, and more.


5 Easy Tips to Market to the Gay Community on LinkedIn

Marketing on LinkedIn? But I thought that was just for resumes and professional networking? Not even close! LinkedIn has some unique features that allow you to do some really targeted marketing to the gay community. People don't seem to think of it in the same terms as facebook or twitter in this capacity, but LinkedIn has over 300,000,000 members! Definitely a social system worth understanding how to utilize to your advantage.

So how can you market successfully to the gay community on LinkedIn? Well, here are 5 of my tips that I have seen proven with some of my clients:

1. Groups

This is possibly the best and easiest way to get your message out in front of a targeted group of people. Groups allow you to combine with people that share interests with you. (Ie. Gay & Lesbian Travel Industry Forum) By posting original content in groups, you can create dialogue and get conversation going about topics you choose. If you are posting from your business page or blog, you can also redirect them back to content - raising awareness of your brand. 

Note: You are limited to 50 groups on LinkedIn, so you want to be selective and targeted about joining!

2. Connect With Influencers

The gay community is very social in the way they respond to marketing as a whole. What does this mean? Well, personal interactions go a long way. If a friend likes it, you are more willing to give it a try. This is especially true of experiences and events that are centered around the LGBT community. Connecting with those influencers and promoters on LinkedIn will help you stay tuned into what is happening as well as find out about opportunities you may be able to connect.


3. Align With Organizations in which You Are a Part

Are you involved with community organizations like HRC or GLAAD? Then make sure you are connected with them on LinkedIn. Social causes are one of the strongest groups on LinkedIn and a great way for you to connect with members fighting for a similar cause. Plus, since these organizations are international, you are expanding your network outside its local parameters.

4. Follow, Follow, Follow

Maybe you have not met the CEO of American Express or that professor that talks about topics related to your brand at the local university. That doesn't mean you can't follow them on LinkedIn. Similar to facebook, you can elect to have information they post feed into your Update stream by following them. This is true of companies as well - a great way to see what those companies

5. Be Fabulous

No joke! You should be just as compelling and interesting on LinkedIn as other social media spaces. Add some personality to your profile and make yourself sound more dynamic. A lot of people think of LinkedIn as "dry." Don't be a part of that! Tell people who you are and how you can help them in a fun and interesting way. Be your fabulous self!

Want some help? Contact me and I will get you started!