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Gregory Kiep is the premier marketer and promoter for gay events, gay travel, and promotion. Based in Provincetown, he has travelled around numerous markets making connections and talking about his travels to places like Provincetown, NYC, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Mykonos, South America, Europe, Nice, and more.


Is Your Website a Nightmare Dressed Like a Daydream?

"Your website is gorgeous!" 

"You have so many pretty pictures and videos!"

"I love the colors and all the cool features that I don’t see on other sites." 

Have you heard any of these? What about…

"I love the look of your site when I look at it on my computer but it doesn’t work so well on my phone…" 


"Your website is really cool but I can’t really figure out what to do to get the information I want…"


Your website could be prettier than the homecoming queen but if it does not PERFORM, what good is it? Good looks are great, but what turns a website into dollars into your pocket goes a lot further than pretty pictures! Your website needs to function in a way that converts visitors into leads… who cycle into customers for your brand.

How does this work?

Well, a variety of ways. 

For one, developing a site that is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly is important to make sure that Google helps push your site out in its search results. 

Secondly, Having a clear CTA (Call-to-action) above the fold leads to optimal conversion on a website and allows people to know where to go once they get to your internet home. (What does above the fold mean? I can explain…)

Finally, welcome to 2015! Your site MUST be responsive - meaning it must work on phones and tablets and other mobile devices. According to, 55% of web surfers are doing some from a mobile device. If your potential customers can’t easily see your site, they are not going to be invested in your brand.

Greg, I think I have a problem…

Many companies spend a lot of time and money making their websites beautiful but fall short when it comes to the aspects of the website that can actually make their investment see a return. I have worked with a variety of clients to help them optimize or redevelop their websites to function stronger

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