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10 Things I Never Travel Without - Trust Me On These!

  1. A very long corded phone charger. You never know how far a plug will be from your bed or when this will come in handy. Mine is about 7’ long and has come in handy so many times - especially on cruise ships when plugs are limited.

  2. Hand sanitizer. I wash my hands any chance I get but always keep a small hand sanitizer bottle with me. It is especially useful on subways and when you are touring places and possibly touching things a lot of others have.

  3. Copy of passport. I am amazed by the people who do not travel with a photocopy of their passport. If something happens, this expedites the process for replacement. Also, email a copy to yourself or keep a digital one so you always can access it.

  4. Tumi Just In Case® tote. I have written about this before but it truly is my one “go to” item if I had to choose. It is light and packs away easily when not in use but opens into a durable tote that is perfect when your luggage is too heavy or when you need a small bag. Check it out!

  5. Earplugs. I use these on the plane but also in hotel rooms. You never know how loud a place may be - even in nicer hotels. I always travel with a few pairs and buy them in bulk. My favorite are THESE.

  6. Sleep mask. Like earplugs, these come in handy on planes or in hotels.

  7. Extra cell phone. This may seem extravagant but I can tell you tons of times this was helpful to me or a travel companion. Instead of selling or recycling your past phone, keep it and throw it in a safe place when you travel. You can have it activated easily - even if you are not near a place that you can easily get a new one.

  8. Corkscrew. I think this is self-explanatory ;)

  9. Travel insurance. I carry an annual policy that almost always pays for itself and is about $450/year. There are a variety of policies so you should investigate what makes sense for you but I can’t imagine traveling without it. Message me for more info about options.

  10. Vitamin C. It can be tough to stay 100% healthy on the road especially with long travel days, disruptive sleep, and new germs, etc. I throw a Vitamin C packet in my water at least a few times a week and think it makes a huge difference.

What about you? What is on your travel “must bring” list?

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