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Greg's Travel Tips for Pride Month

June is almost here and, with it, comes a month of LGBT prides around the world! No matter where you are celebrating, I hope you have a fun and safe experience. Having attended my fair share of these celebrations and also working with clients at the top LGBT destinations around the world, I wanted to share a few tips to help you make the most of this special month.

Upcoming Celebrations & Where to Stay

I won’t list EVERY pride celebration around the world but here are a few special ones coming up including some lodging deals and tips!

May 30 - June 2: Provincetown: Seaside Pride

The 2nd annual official pride in one of my favorite destinations! The weather is warming up and the celebration will be epic. Check out Cape Colony Inn for special rates over the weekend.

June 7 - 9: Los Angeles Pride

Stop by and say hi to me! The streets of West Hollywood host an amazing celebration of music and fun. One of my favorite hotels is only a few blocks away from the action (btu far enough) at Sunset Tower Hotel! Message me for special rates.

June 1 - 16: Vienna/EuroPride

Another favorite destination and one of the most consistently ranked LGBT travel destinations, Vienna again hosts EuroPride with two weeks of events. For a luxury stay, I love The Ritz-Carlton and the historic Hotel Sacher.

June 1 - 30: World Pride in NYC

This month-long celebration will be the biggest Pride party this year as the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. It ends with an epic parade and celebration the last weekend of the month - send me a text if you are in town and let’s connect. There are so many great hotels in NYC but I love the AKA properties for some extra room and space to relax!

June 20 - 29: Dublin Pride

Over a week of fun in a city that loves to party! When you need to catch up on sleep, I can’t recommend Merrion Hotel enough!

Be Smart

It is important to do your homework before you go anywhere - making sure that you understand any laws pertaining to the LGBT community at your travel destination. Almost 40% of countries still criminalize homosexuality including some very popular tourist destinations. The State Department has an excellent website that includes information about LGBT laws and protections. Know your rights and be aware of your environment!

Support LGBT Businesses

I always try to seek out LGBT run businesses, big and small, when I travel. If you are going to grab a drink or bite to eat, why not support these businesses as well? Plus, they are great ways to meet people and find out about things going on around town. Grab one of the local guides (they still exist in some places!) or do a quick search and you should be able to find what you are looking for. I also keep a list of places I visit in each city so, when in doubt, send me a text!

Consider Cruising

Not that kind! There are some great LGBT cruise opportunities coming up over the next few months which can be a great way to see a new part of the world AND meet people. If you have never cruised, I recommend trying a gay-themed one out as your first because it just adds that extra level of special and comfort. R Family Vacations has a river cruise with Uniworld coming up on the Danube in September which is a “gay-lite” experience with less than 150 guests. Atlantis Events, the leader in gay cruising has a Med cruise coming up this summer on one of the biggest ships in the world. RSVP Vacations has an Alaska cruise in July which I have done in the past and can tell you is a magical and unique place to cruise! Message me for more info on any of these!

Stay Charged

Seems so simple, right? Portable phone chargers are your best friend at Pride. With the mass amount of people around, service can be spotty and your phone dies rapidly while trying to find a connection. Although some places have wall charging stations for a couple bucks, having your own makes you a winner - and everyone’s best friend. Throw one in your purse or pocket and be a rockstar!

See the Sites

Although Pride is a blast, make sure you take a little bit of time to check out the sites! Hop-on-hop-off buses are great ways to see a city quickly and explore the sites you want to see. Or, do a private guide and see exactly what you want to see, when you want to see it. Oftentimes, I hear stories from travelers going to places they have never been and only checking out the nightlife. While this is a lot of fun, you lose the heart of the city if you don’t take even a little time to explore it.

So where are you celebrating this year? If you want tips on any places or more info on any of the hotels I mentioned, just let me know!

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