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The 3 Reasons You Want a Travel Agent to Book Your Next Vacation

Almost every day I am asked the question: "Why would someone want to use a travel agent?" But, once they do, they ask why they didn't do it sooner. There are a ton of reasons working with a travel professional makes sense but here are the three that I think ring true for most people:


Everyone likes free things and to feel special, right? One of the most "tangible" benefits of using a travel agent at a big company like Protravel are the perks you receive at hotels, on cruises, and in all facets of your travel experience. For the same price (or even cheaper), you will receive a few things to make your vacation even more special. These include room upgrades, food and beverage credits, spa services, wine and fruit, early check-in and late check-out, breakfast, free wifi, and more. These little "extras" can really take a travel experience to the next level.


This one seems obvious but I think gets overlooked a lot. Just like the person cutting your hair knows more about what they are doing than you do, travel agents know travel. I've personally been on over 50 cruises, traveled to over 60 countries, and stayed in countless hotels. And, if I don't know a destination personally, I have a huge network of peers that I can get an answer from when I need it. This means a smoother, easier travel experience for you and maybe some cool experiences you may not be able to learn about from online research.

Information Overload

Which brings me to #3. Years ago, pre-internet, travel agents were looked upon to give advice on destinations because they had the information. You couldn't just hop on tripadvisor or countless other sites to find out where to stay, how to get there, etc. NOW, the information is out there - but in overload! Why take the time to comb through the thousands of sites and conflicting information when you can have a professional on your side to do it for you? (and, most of the time, this costs you nothing!) Save the time and stress and let an expert come up with a vacation plan for your next adventure.

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