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Gregory Kiep is the premier marketer and promoter for gay events, gay travel, and promotion. Based in Provincetown, he has travelled around numerous markets making connections and talking about his travels to places like Provincetown, NYC, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Mykonos, South America, Europe, Nice, and more.


Gregory Kiep Expands His Gay Travel Marketing Expertise with R Family Vacations

For quite a few years, I have worked with gay travel companies big and small around the world. In addition to real estate marketing, this has been a big percentage of my business that is fueled not only by my experience in the market but genuine love of travel. I have worked with the biggest names in LGBT cruising, Atlantis Events and RSVP Vacations, as well as in predominately gay travel markets like Provincetown, Fort Lauderdale, West Hollywood, and others. I have also written for most of the top gay travel and lifestyle publications over the years giving insight on trends, changes, and fun travel tips!

I am so thrilled to announce my new partnership with R Family Vacations, the leader in LGBT family travel and true pioneers in this arena. For over a dozen years, Gregg Kaminsky & Kelli Carpenter have brought gay families together on cruise ships and resorts around the world. In a time when the LGBT family community may not have been as present, this was more than a small accomplishment. Now, as we celebrate a broader acceptance and the creation of more diverse and beautiful families, I am thrilled to help build this brand's marketing presence.

R Family Vacations has grown from the original LGBT family travel company to an encompassing brand that features vacations for single travelers, adult-only trips, and a Broadway-themed event. This diverse offering helps them position strongly in a variety of gay travel markets while offering the exceptional experience that has helped the brand thrive all these years. And they only continue to grow as gay families and their friends look for travel opportunities to vacation together in love-filled, inclusive environments around the world.

It is an exciting, if not a bit scary time, in the world today as we enter a new year of uncertainty in many areas. Travel, however, has a consistent ability not only to bring joy and new experiences to one's life, but also to represent a sense of community. The gay community has long been drawn to travel as an escape from the "real world," to places where they could feel free to express themselves and, for some, to take a break from societal "norms." Although our world has, for the most part, become more accepting in many communities, travel remains a powerful experience for LGBT individuals, families, and their friends to come together in one place, at one time, for many very special memories.

I am thrilled to help bring this experience to many more travelers through my work with R Family Vacations!

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