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Gregory Kiep is the premier marketer and promoter for gay events, gay travel, and promotion. Based in Provincetown, he has travelled around numerous markets making connections and talking about his travels to places like Provincetown, NYC, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Mykonos, South America, Europe, Nice, and more.


Gay Content Marketing

Yep. You read correctly - Gay Content Marketing. You know that shareable and exciting content helps build your company's brand and get your message out there. But, what if you want to target specifically a gay demographic? What little "tweaks" should you make and what things should you consider? I have a few tips for you:

1. Don't Be Afraid To Take Risks

Pushing the envelope on messaging and word choice can actually be a huge thumbs up. Think about what Oreo did a few years ago with their advertising campaign. Remember it? It created a lot of stir for their brand but, a few years later, people are still talking about it. Don't be afraid of putting messaging out there that may not appeal to EVERYONE. Remember, if you try to appeal to everyone, you will probably appeal to NO ONE. Marketing 101, kids.

2. Don't Make Them Yawn

Gays are a high energy audience. (We can party until 4 am and still get up for brunch, honey.) Don't be passive or boring in your messaging. Using SHOCKING titles and getting the "OMG" messaging out there is what is going to bring clicks in.

3. Target the Influencers

I have said it time and time again. The gay community responds to their influencers more than most other market segments. Connect with these people! You could get more action with a retweet from ONE of these people than sharing something on facebook to your entire following. Use those "niche celebrities" to your advantage and your message will be heard.

4. Measure 

Ok, this may not be a "gay" tip but I feel it is often overlooked and vital to any content marketing campaign. You HAVE to measure the successes of what you are doing to see what is working. And then, shockingly, KEEP DOING WHAT WORKS!

5. Keep Your Points Relevant 

Gays know their pop culture. Don't reference something that is not current or relevant and expect phenomenal results. You must be on the cutting edge giving information that the community will respond to in a positive way in order to achieve optimal success. Stay consistent and do your homework and you will be rewarded!

There are 5 tips for you to achieve optimal success with your content marketing efforts. Want some more? Reach out to me for my guide to content marketing.