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Gay Mother's Day

A mom to a gay man is a bit different.

She was the one who helped us up when we felt like an outsider amongst our peers at school.

And the one that encouraged us to do the things that we wanted - like dance and paint and sing and things society didn't want us to do.

She made us feel special when we didn't make the team or get the date with the girl.

The gay kid's mom gave us her Carpenters and Barbra Streisand records to sing and dance to in our rooms - away from the world.

And she was the one that looked at us with unblinking eyes when we told her our darkest secret.

And, even if her words didn't reflect it instantly, never felt anything but the strongest amount of love in her heart for us.

She was the first one to hug our boyfriends when we brought him home for family dinner.

And the one that called to ask what he would like for Christmas so he felt "special" as well.

The gay guy's mom always knew her son was magical, that his spirit didn't follow the constraints of society.

And she will always be the one that taught us the meaning of love.

Because we learned that love is not defined by politics, television, or the opinions of the world...

But by the hug our mother gives us, either in person or in spirit, that makes a moment even just a little bit better.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

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