Gregory Kiep

What Do I Do?

So, what do I do? Well, the quick answer is marketing and promotion but what does that mean to you? Well, I have worked in a variety of ways over the past ten years to help create an optimal return to my clients in whatever ways makes the most sense for their brand.

I work with my clients to create an overall marketing package that will deliver the desired results for them. This can mean website development, content creation and blogging, social media, PR, event coordination, print design, etc. Pretty much if it falls under the realm of "marketing," I have probably done it and can for you.

Through my experience and connections especially in the gay market, I also have done a lot of promotion for gay focused events around the world. I can help you develop and then get the word out through a variety of strategies to ensure maximum attendance. Plus, I have worked with companies that are newer to the gay market and help them understand some of the aspects of working within the community.

Have a specific need you think I can help you with? I would love to hear from you!