Gregory Kiep


Gregory Kiep Develops Brand for New Development Complex in Boston's Urban Core

Challenge: Developers purchased a building with no identity in an upcoming area that they desired to create a business community within, overcoming neighborhood and other objections

NEWMKT was created and developed to distinguish a building that was purchased in a neighborhood that had little history with this type of space. As a vast and vacant property, there were many options to tailor spaces to what the market demanded. The owners had an idea as to how they wanted their brand presented, but were open to what would best sell their space in the marketplace.

Opportunity: An open canvas from which to create a sellable brand, the property that would become NEWMKT needed an identity and website that would create positive response

Through the use of focus groups and conversation with the community, Gregory Kiep was able to establish a brand identity that would create a solid position in the marketplace. Additionally, he was able to create a dynamic website that showcased the property's spaces as well as interesting architecture and features of the property. Through his design team, he was able to deliver a variety of brand options to the client, of which they chose the final NEWMKT logo.

Results: Positive community reaction in addition to exceptionally quick occupancy at higher than expected market rents

By utilizing an advertising campaign centralized around ad words and retargeted ads, Gregory Kiep was able to efficiently promote NEWMKT as an exceptional opportunity in the marketplace. As a result, the spaces were filled in only a few months and the event space had 3 large events on the books before the construction even began. From this project, the developers have turned to Gregory Kiep for assistance in numerous other projects.